OxBlood Wingbacks

Vintage OxBlood Leather Wingbacks, circa 1950’s.  Tall backed and generous in scale, worn leather with nailhead trim.

Pacific Galleries Seattle 206-292-3999 11-5pm Daily PST

Leather Wingbacks 40″D 32″W 50″T  PAIR   SOLD

“Can I Dream of Saturn”

“Can I Dream of Saturn” Found Object Lighting Sculpture, crafted from vintage wire, tins and barn metal Circa 2010.  Central 4-outlet light cluster, fully accessible.  Suspended with a vintage logging chain hook.

Pacific Galleries Seattle WA 206-292-3999 11-5pm Daily PST

Saturn Lighting Sculpture      SOLD

Mid-Century Side Tables

Mid-Century Side Tables, Manufactured by Lane, Circa 1960’s.  Re-Invented with new Blacken French Finish and mirrored tops… displayed in a row as a versatile coffee/cocktail presentation.  Sold as a set of three.

Pacific Galleries Seattle 206-292-3999 11-5pm Daily PST

Mid-Century Side Tables, each size 20″D 28″W 21″T       SOLD

Concerto in Wood

“Concerto in Wood”  Sculptural beachwashed driftwood piece, possibly Big Leaf Maple stump segment.

Pacific Galleries Seattle 206-292-3999 11-5pm Daily PST

Sculptural Driftwood Piece 10″D 40″L 20″T    SOLD

Industrial Rail Track Table

Industrial Rail Track Work Table, Crafted from reclaimed iron L-beams and ‘raw’ shop welded, this 350lbs work table is mounted on four rail track wheels which swivel independently,  the open frame work has been ‘filled’ with Pine Floor Board segments and the entire piece has been wax finished to seal the patina.  Circa 1950’s

Pacific Galleries Seattle 206-292-3999 11-5pm Daily PST

Industrial Work Table 44″D 74″L 33″T   SOLD


Antique Insulator Mirror

Antique Oak Insulator Mirror, Circa 1910 electric pole insulators reinvented as a sunburst styled mirror.

M. Culbert Home Furnishings 206-914-1043 10-6pm Daily PST

Insulator Sunburst Mirror 4″D 40″R    SOLD

Prop Stand Floor Lamps

Prop Stand inspired design with a custom gunmetal finish on pine with four industrial wheels.  The two up-down light fixtures and central pole are vintage pipe fittings with porcelain sockets, the “faux-finial” is another up socket creating “a bright idea” motif.  The shade is a hand-tied jute string shade on vintage found wire which is drop suspended.   The cord has an in-line switch for convenience.  (pair) -SOLD-

Bird House Console Lamp

Bird House Console Lamp created from vintage and new spare parts.  Three tilt-open roof tops and front door, base and frame made of reclaimed vintage scape pieces with vintage screen door and chicken wire “walls”.   Inside are three porcelain flush-mount sockets with reproduction carbon-filament bulbs, the central one on an antique post fragment.   -SOLD-