Mid-Century Side Tables

Mid-Century Side Tables, Manufactured by Lane, Circa 1960’s.  Re-Invented with new Blacken French Finish and mirrored tops… displayed in a row as a versatile coffee/cocktail presentation.  Sold as a set of three.

Pacific Galleries Seattle 206-292-3999 11-5pm Daily PST

Mid-Century Side Tables, each size 20″D 28″W 21″T       SOLD

Tuesday blog

It’s been a few years since I’ve done a mirrored console but it’s high time that I pulled a few old tricks out of the bag and reintroduce some of my previous furniture lines… I’ve also completed a mirrored cabinet recently, but it’s already found a good home, so another is in the works and also a few (three) side tables, can anyone say ‘Coffee Table’? why not… quite soon it’ll seem like I’ve lost myself in a hall of mirrors at the circus.  m.

Sunday blog

The Oak & Ash Grove at the far western end of the field is perhaps my favorite place at home, decades ago when my parents purchased the property there stood the shell of a cabin that had been built years before, it in turn was taken down piece by piece and used to build the barn lower in the field.  The trees mostly Oregon White Oak are around +150 years old, I counted the rings on the last one that fell down in a wind storm in the late 80’s.  The tall lush grass has many wild flowers, Ox Eyed Daises, Camas Swale lilies, Columbine, Tiger lilies (Daffodils in the spring, from the old homestead) Wild Mint and Nootka Roses which grow up around the bases of the trees.   Dad mows the grass where he can get the tractor around the trees in the early summer.  The dappled light has a quality all it’s own… what this place ready needs is a bench swing,  hmmm… gives me an idea.     m.

Saturday blog

Another tree being cleared for the garden area that I’m interested in is a Pacific Yew Tree, these posts which surround the barn are of  Pacific Yew Trees, a hard wood that can last for many decades after being cut.  My brother found in his creek, across the valley a number of these trees which appear to have fallen 80-100 years ago and are still solid, he extracted one such 40 foot log, beautifully worn & grooved which is now in his garden.  The Indians in the pacific northwest often used the durable wood for bows and canoe paddles.  As you can see from the lushness of the grass surrounding the tree (below) this spot west of the barn has very rich soil.  I’m hoping to make floor lamps from the trunk segments and patio benches from the limbs.

Wednesday blog

About a month ago I had a phone call from my Mother…  “Your dad is cutting down that tree…”  Ugh!  to make a long story short, Dad & I “agreed” to cut it down together… (I guess it’s the same with parents as well as kids… once they’ve  grown up there isn’t much you can do with them)  anyhow I want to use the tree trunk for table tops and felt I  should be there to do most of the work, but he has left me the base to start cutting up into segments.   The tree, a Big Leaf Maple was next to the barn near a garden area and from the looks of the rings approx. 120 years old.    m.

Tuesday blog

I did manage to do some work today… in between swimming & napping.  A few of the apple trees in the orchard need to be thinned,  the weather and late frost set back a lot of the trees but some were starting to bear so heavy that if left alone the branches would break. Many branches had 10 to 14 apples per foot, which should be thinned to about 2 or 3.   An empty robins nest can be seen nestled in this apple tree.