Sunday blog

The Oak & Ash Grove at the far western end of the field is perhaps my favorite place at home, decades ago when my parents purchased the property there stood the shell of a cabin that had been built years before, it in turn was taken down piece by piece and used to build the barn lower in the field.  The trees mostly Oregon White Oak are around +150 years old, I counted the rings on the last one that fell down in a wind storm in the late 80’s.  The tall lush grass has many wild flowers, Ox Eyed Daises, Camas Swale lilies, Columbine, Tiger lilies (Daffodils in the spring, from the old homestead) Wild Mint and Nootka Roses which grow up around the bases of the trees.   Dad mows the grass where he can get the tractor around the trees in the early summer.  The dappled light has a quality all it’s own… what this place ready needs is a bench swing,  hmmm… gives me an idea.     m.