Tuesday blog

Nestled in a recent purchase of several boxes of sheet music was this incredible find, a first edition of Claude Debussy’s “Children’s Corner” Suite, circa 1908 printed in France by A. Durand & Fils.  The cover has a beautiful ‘Art Nouve’ styled motif and shows an Elephant holding a “Golliwog” balloon, the golliwog (typically a doll) was a favorite of Debussy’s daughter Chouchou.  But I have continued finding other first editions; namely 2 more Debussy’s, his ‘Preludes’ and ‘Douze Etudes I’, Maurice Moszkowski’s ‘Trios Arabesques’, Maurice Ravel’s ‘Gaspard De La Nuit’ and ‘Feux d’ Eau’, and the London edition of Paul Hindemith’s ‘Ludus Tonlis’.  Actually I have a stack of about 40 pcs. that bear further research.  The collection which totaled about 200-250 pcs. had evidently past hands as a whole group starting in the late 1800’s by a German artist then added to by other pianists, one in London or New York, then Tacoma, where a substantial number of pieces were added in the early 1900’s.  Many of the pieces are signed by the original owners (starting in 1894) and even includes one book of compositions by Mendelssohn that had been published and purchased within 40 years of his death.     m.