Driftwood Mantel

Monumental Driftwood Faux Mantle.  Crafted from beach-washed Alder, Pine, Cedar and Madrone, with a Hickory plank top.  Recommend for display use, rather then actual mantel installation.

Pacific Galleries Seattle 206-292-3999 11-5pm Daily PST

Faux Mantel  22″D 60″T 72″W     SOLD

Sunday blog

I’ve started messing around with Driftwood again… about one more day of details and this monumental sized faux mantle piece should be ready for the gallery floor.

Thursday blog

There is something about grapevines that fascinates me… I suppose it’s the artistic curve and flow of the vine itself.   I’ve been playing around with “Faux Bois” lately, my subconscious mind must be hinting to recreate the vines motif, while the horizontal flow of the structure mocks the junior engineer in me… but yesterday I had some surprising success just ‘toying’ around with tad of rather soupy, left-over mortar…

Wednesday blog

Finally finished and installed a bench swing in the Oak Grove way up at the west end of the field.  Built from left-over scraps and a picnic table top, it took just over 80 feet of chain to hang… it’s a good thing my mother wasn’t watching me up on the top of that ladder.

Tuesday blog

The Holidays can really ware you out… but I think I’m on the down hill side of the slope.  As with most projects everything is front loaded and most of the work is done (well sort of…) by Dec. 1st I should be able to relax and enjoy.