Tuesday blog

Having returned from a short trip home to my parents (aside from napping) I couldn’t help but spend a good deal of time in the Orchard and Vineyard… and dispite the curious weather this past spring it’s looking to be a good harvest for all but the Walnut trees.  I admit I love green sour grapes (but my tummy doesn’t!) I had the good fortune to be down in the Vineyard while Dad was mowing and the scent of the flowering Wild Carrot (also known as Queen Ann’s Lace) was heavenly… it thickly carpets and lower field.  Being an inquisitive chap I couldn’t help but pull one up, peel it’s small white root and attempt to eat one… all though the favor was quite good it’s texture was like a ball of twine… further chewing only amounted to the texture of a soggy ball of twine.  I suppose it was rather stupid of me anyhow since Water Hemlock also of the carrot family and close in appearance is “…is deadly poisonous.  It’s toxin rapidly affects the nervous system, causing sevre convulsions and usually death.”  It’s claimed by Historians that another species of this plant, taller with fern like leaves and purple-spotted stems was the extract of Hemlock that was used to posion Socrates….   but alas I’m still here and it’s likely to be my closest brush with intelligence.