Wednesday blog

The forest does have eyes… and they are watching… So last Thursday after another nap, I decided to climb the hill behind the house and check up on Dad.  It’s logging time and even in his 70’s he’s up and “fooling” around in the woods till early afternoon.  The woods to the east of the house are truly magical and somewhat “spooky” (there, I’ve admitted it!) .  The 1st cuts where around 1870-1890 as best as I can figure, the current trees are basically 2nd growth stands, but among these can still be found the “Giants” of ancient days which were too big to cut or even perhaps already fallen or dead snags.  One such monster has long been a creature of my imagination, a perennial source of wonder.  You can see from my glove (below) tacked on it, that it’s size is astounding… much of the wood is still so full of pitch that it refuses even to rot.   How old? +300 years, but even that was living age… how long it’s been down could pre-date the early loggers.  Dad drives his old pick-up truck up century-old skid trails to the logging deck where trucks come in to pick up the logs that have been yarded.  In the photo to the right you can see the truck (at the bottom) at left is the up-rooted stump of that same enormous tree.  Dad loves it up here and often comments on the beauty of the tall trees swaying in the breeze across a clear blue sky… and I have to agree with him… but I wonder… considering the vantage point, is he up there lying down napping too?