Thursday blog

Apple harvest is coming on soon, the Summer varieties are quite good but it’s the Fall apples I look most forward too.  This ruby and golden colored apple “Liberty” was the tree I thinned back in July, each apple is the size of a fist or larger and is still a few weeks away from reaching it’s top sugar content.  The “Prima’s” are loaded and so heavy that the branches are breaking.  Walking the Orchard, my Dad insists I taste every apple and I do my best “munching” along behind him.  He is quite proud of his grafting program, some trees have as many as five different apple varieties per tree.  He collects grafts from all over the area, many are old fashion apples not available in today’s supermarkets and have no official names so Dad has simply named them after the people who gave him the graft from the old trees in their yard.  Mom loves “Chehalis” but my favorite is “Holstein” a squat pale yellow green with fury brown ‘scars’, it’s a water-core apple and will not keep a week or so beyond picking so it must be enjoyed fresh… and what a flavor! like honey with a the tang of lemon.  We have a custom made Maple cider press and I’m a regular tyrant when it comes to press time… badgering poor, besiege relatives into cutting apples faster so I can run them in the grinder and then on to the press… but enough… you’ll be sure to see it all after I go back down in Oct.      m.